Collection: Crystal Clusters

Powerful cleansing pieces, clusters are used to transform the energy in the space, while amplifying positive energy and neutralizing negative energy. Extracted from a geode, these pieces come with a raw, potent healing power.

Shapes of crystals found in a cluster vary, depending on the size, number of inclusions, and the type of crystal formation.

The crystal formations in a cluster are always authentic, which is why each cluster is unique. They include numerous crystal points merged together and separate from a geode, sometimes coming with a small geode rock base.

Because they include multiple points, their energy amplifies positive vibrations in the space, and similarly to towers and obelisks, it helps direct energy and channel it.

Crystal Clusters magnify our blessings and help us attract more of them into our lives. They are purifiers that can help charge the space with healing and balancing energy while eliminating toxic energy. 

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