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Tumbles are Crystals and Earth Stones which have been carefully polished.

Tumbled Stones are common polished crystals that come in different shapes and sizes. They are small, handy pieces that can easily fit on your palm, in a pocket, a wallet, or in a purse. Because of that, they are convenient to take with us wherever we go and are a true energetic and spiritual first aid piece.

Tumbled stones ensure that our vibration is high, protecting our aura and helping us go with the flow of life with greater ease. Both easy-to-carry and healing, tumbled stones help us feel more at peace, aligned, or motivated, depending on their healing properties.

These are crystals that represent pieces of our spiritual world and help us stay connected to lighter, positive energies all day long

They all differ in size, colour, marks, inclusions and shape. No two stones will ever be the same and thats what makes them unique. As much as you will be drawn to a Crystal/Earth Stone most time the stone also chooses you hence why you are drawn to it. We believe that each Crystal/Earth Stone has its destiny and will cross our path if its meant for us. So whether you follow your urge to buy it or it comes as a surprise it was meant for you.

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