Collection: Crystal Skulls

Skulls symbolize wisdom and higher knowledge. Often associated with mortality, they also symbolize earthily knowledge and our rational mind. However, throughout history, they have really represented all things immortal - the spirit and the universal truths.

As spiritual tools, these shapes of crystals help us connect to our ability to see beyond established rules, go within, and observe.

They assist us in blending our rational and irrational sides, bringing clarity and fresh perspectives into our lives. In crystal therapy, they are used to amplify memory, focus, and concentration and assist us when learning or problem-solving.

As such, they are a good choice for an altar, a study room, an office, or any place where we need more focus or clarity. Because they symbolize and help us connect with higher intelligence, they are associated with awareness and enlightenment.

They all differ in size, colour, marks, inclusions and shape. No two stones will ever be the same and thats what makes them unique. As much as you will be drawn to a Crystal/Earth Stone most time the stone also chooses you hence why you are drawn to it. We believe that each Crystal/Earth Stone has its destiny and will cross our path if its meant for us. So whether you follow your urge to buy it or it comes as a surprise it was meant for you. 

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