Collection: Geometric and Sacred Shaped Crystals

Because every shape has a specific symbolism attached to it, we can use different geometric shapes of crystals to transform the energy around us. Some are great for calming the space and inviting in love, while others can be used for manifestation and channeling focus.

Some shapes are meant to energize and lift us up, while others bring peace, balance, and serenity into our space.

If we want to align our chakras and do reiki healing, an Amethyst wand is a perfect tool for that. However, if we want to use Amethyst to improve our intuition and open ourselves for spiritual downloads, opting for an Amethyst Geode is an excellent choice.

Shapes not only contribute to the flow of energy in our lives but they also magnify the potency of the crystal. For instance, a pendulum made of Black Onyx is a perfect tool for personal transformation and repelling negativity, as the vibration of the shape and the crystal are in perfect sync.

A Green Jade heart-shaped crystal is an incredible option for inviting loving energy into our space, while a Citrine cluster is ideal for spreading positivity in our little sanctuary.

Merkaba is a sacred shape that is believed to have powerful spiritual properties helping us to reach higher states of consciousness.

The word Merkaba can be translated as light -Mer, Spirit-Ka body-Ba, it means spirit and body surrounded by Light.

A Merkaba-shaped crystal appears as a star tetrahedron; a 3-dimensional 8-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up, the other down. It was valued and used in many cultures and religions including the ancient Egyptian and Jewish religions.

A Merkaba-shaped crystal is an efficient tool that can be used in different ways to help us reach our full potential. It can be made of different crystals with powerful healing and cleansing properties.

Platonic Solids

There are five platonic solids, and each of them is a divine representation of sacred geometry in the material world. Crystals are often purposely shaped as the five solids, but they can also have a platonic solid embedded in their crystals structure.

The solids represent unity with the universe, each symbolizing a specific element. They are used to help unblock and align chakras and help us realize our fullest potential through connecting with those elements.


The Tetrahedron symbolizes fire and is used to evoke the fire within and motivate us to move forward. It is a shape that energizes and strengthens our spirit and willpower. Crystals shaped like a tetrahedron encourage us to take bold steps, be fearless, and stand in our power.


A Cube is one of the platonic solids and geometric shapes of crystals that are associated with the earth element, and the power of Gaia. Cubic crystals are used to help us ground ourselves and find stability and security both within and in the external world. It symbolizes wealth, abundance, the earthly realm and earthly blessings, and can be used to help us become one with nature.


An Octahedron is associated with air and symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. Crystals found in this form help bring us enlightenment through contemplation, awaken curiosity, and help us use our mental capacity to its fullest potential. Octahedrons help us communicate with others and with the Universe while also raising the vibration of our thoughts.   


A Dodecahedron or a fifth element, symbolizes Akasha or the Universe itself. It brings us closer to the Divine, helps with meditation, opens our Crown chakraand the Third Eye. Crystals found in this form are powerful tools for spiritual transformation and awakening and are used to show us the way, give us hope, and strengthen our faith.


An Icosahedron is a symbol of water, representing the flow of life and the flow of energy. These crystals bring ease and peace into our lives, support emotional healing, and help us release what is no longer serving us.

They all differ in size, colour, marks, inclusions and shape. No two stones will ever be the same and thats what makes them unique. As much as you will be drawn to a Crystal/Earth Stone most time the stone also chooses you hence why you are drawn to it. We believe that each Crystal/Earth Stone has its destiny and will cross our path if its meant for us. So whether you follow your urge to buy it or it comes as a surprise it was meant for you. 

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