Collection: Pyramid Shaped Crystals

These Crystals have been cut and polished into a Pyramid Shape. Not only do these make handsome eye candy they also can be used to extract and release pain.

The pyramid is one of the most powerful geometric symbols as it helps to blend the physical and spiritual worlds. At its base, the pyramid has a solid cube, which represents ultimate stability, security, and strength.

Its top is pointed upwards, to the sky, symbolizing our connection with the Universe. The apex helps us establish a solid connection with our spirit guides, higher intelligence, and divine guidance.

Pyramid-shaped gemstones help us tune in with our higher selves. As such, they support our spiritual development while simultaneously assisting us in becoming more grounded and centered.

In feng shui, the pyramid represents the fire symbol, and as such it helps invite light, optimism, and passion into our lives, evoking our heart’s desires. Crystals that come in this shape help promote personal empowerment, amplify inner strength, and are a great aid for manifestation rituals.

They all differ in size, colour, marks, inclusions and shape. No two stones will ever be the same and thats what makes them unique. As much as you will be drawn to a Crystal/Earth Stone most time the stone also chooses you hence why you are drawn to it. We believe that each Crystal/Earth Stone has its destiny and will cross our path if its meant for us. So whether you follow your urge to buy it or it comes as a surprise it was meant for you. 

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