Collection: Heart Shaped Crystals

These are so lovely to be given and give. Whether to yourself or to another. These Crystals have been hand cut and polished into a Heart Shape. 

A universal symbol of love, the heart represents all types of love - universal and unconditional love, self-love, and love we have for others. It is associated with emotional healing, empathy, compassion, and the Heart chakra.

Heart-shaped crystals, no matter what their healing properties are, help attract all types of love into our lives. They help us connect with our soul tribe, manifest soulmates and kindred spirits, and connect with others on a soul level. They are used to strengthen heart-to-heart connections and open our heartspace to give and receive love freely.

Using them in rituals, meditation, or placing them next to your bed can help bring balance and peace into your life and strengthens the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Heart shapes of crystals bring us a greater understanding of our emotions and help us exercise kindness and generosity. Simultaneously, they invite loving, nourishing energy into our space to raise our vibration.

The heart symbol is also associated with pure intentions and pure emotions, helping us heal emotional wounds, release pain, and heal from trauma.

They all differ in size, colour, marks, inclusions and shape. No two stones will ever be the same and thats what makes them unique. As much as you will be drawn to a Crystal/Earth Stone most time the stone also chooses you hence why you are drawn to it. We believe that each Crystal/Earth Stone has its destiny and will cross our path if its meant for us. So whether you follow your urge to buy it or it comes as a surprise it was meant for you. 

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